7 years, 9 albums, 20 tours, and 700+ gigs.

The last 7 years of my life have been jam packed (pun intended). I have played guitar and bass for various artists ranging from former Island Def Jam artist South Jordan to Word Entertainment recording artist Meredith Andrews. I have produced 3 albums in 2014 and have had the privilege of touring the country with some of my best friends. Most of the skills that I possess in my music career are skills that crossover to business fields as well. Branding and marketing are big assets that have allowed me to go as far as I have in my current field. I have a Master’s Degree in Management and Leadership that has allowed me to pragmatically adopt business principles into my career. In addition to the production and business side of things I have also done freelance graphic design for the last several years.

Feel free to shoot me an e-mail for any professional inquiries as well as just to catch up: jesse@jessedeanrivero.com

Thanks for stopping by! -Jesse

Follow Jesse on Twitter: @jessedeanrivero




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